First and foremost, it is imperative to acknowledge I am an occupant of Puyallup, Duwamish, and Coast Salish ancestral Land. Since time immemorial, the Puyallup and Duwamish have lived on their Land as the original caregivers. Their Land is sacred. Thus, we must always honor their Land and people from the past and present.
Despite the signing of Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854 and Point Elliot Treaty of 1855, the guaranteed rights to Indigenous people are consistently broken. From their rights to fishing, hunting  and gathering, speaking their Indigenous languages, practicing their traditions, and Land sovereignty - the U.S. government has broken every single promise through unethical policies, systems, and practices. 
In spite of the U.S. government's attempt to ethnic cleanse millions of people, Indigenous people are still here. They are living and breathing. Their existence is resistance.
The truth matters. 

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In contemporary times, Indigenous peoples are still fighting for their rights to exist and Land sovereignty. Please consider supporting the Puyallup and Duwamish tribes in their efforts to protect their Land and support their people:


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