Now that it's February of your senior year, it's time to book your Spring senior session! After experiencing a few months of glooming weather and lots of rain, we will soon enter a new season that offers a new scenery and vibe: SPRING! 
The Spring season is a BUSY season for senior photographers, so let’s discuss the TOP 3 reasons to book a SPRING senior session:
1. Weather: Hello, GOLDEN HOUR! Spring season in Washington is absolutely gorgeous! We finally get to see the Sun and feel our skin absorb the vitamin D! The temperature also starts to rise so you can wear outfits without so many layers. 
2. Fashion: This is the season for all the fun & flirty trends! Trendy colors to wear for Spring include light blue, lavender, blush, and yellow. Spring weather allows you to wear all different types of outfits too! You can plan to wear fun rompers, skirts, flowly dresses, an oversized denim jacket, crop tops, and so much more for your senior session!
3. Wild Flowers: We all know that Spring in Washington means a bouquet of wildflowers backed with lush green botanicals. Each month in Spring offers so many beautiful different types of plants that are in bloom. Do you want Cherry Blossom trees in your senior photos? Then you need to schedule your session for March-early April! Booking a session for May or June will give you lushes and colorful rhododendrons in the background of your photos!​​​​​​​
It is SO important to book your Spring senior session as soon as possible! There's only a FEW more months until graduation. You do not want to wait until last minute to book your senior session because it might be too late. I only offer a FEW sessions per month and Spring season books up quickly, so fill out the CONTACT form ASAP to start the process of booking your Spring session!
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