My love for photography began in 7th grade. In middle school, I would bring my small red Nikon Coolpix camera with me every single day to capture all of my memories. As I transitioned into high school, I learned how to use professional cameras and started taking my friends' senior photos.
My dream to start a photography business began to disappear when I went to college. To be honest, I forgot about my passion. For 4.5 years, I spent all of my time and energy into receiving a bachelor's degree in Family and Community Engaged Teaching, and minors in Education & Social Justice and Sociology to become a high school social studies teacher.
During my time in academia, I evolved and grew in many different ways. I reconnected to my Armenian roots, discovered my love for working alongside youth, and gained a new perspective of the world. Thus, I am very thankful for my educational journey. 
To be transparent, I do not regret waiting to start my photography business because I believe everything happens for a reason. I needed that time to grow and learn about my other passions. Now, as a first-generation college graduate, I am finally letting my dreams come true!
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