Now that it's a few months before starting your senior year of high school, it's time to book your Summer senior photoshoot! Summer is a BUSY season for senior photographers, so let’s discuss the TOP 4 reasons to book a SUMMER senior photoshoot:​​​​​​​
1. YEARBOOK DEADLINE: Did you know most schools require a yearbook photo submission during the first few months of school?! The beginning of senior year is CRAZY busy, so it would be hard to schedule a last minute senior session to meet your yearbook deadline! It's also important to mention that most senior photographers are fully booked by that time, so the likely hood of being able to book your favorite senior photographer would be slim. The ideal solution is to take your senior photos during the Summer, so you will be able to submit a professionally edited senior image for your yearbook photo!
2. PERFECT WEATHER: After months of cold, rainy, and gloomy weather, we finally get to see the SUN in the sky! Washington summers are the BEST! Summer time is perfect for a senior session because The weather is warm and there is plenty of daylight to last us until 9pm. Also, we cannot forget about GOLDEN HOUR! This is the most sought out time of the day for senior photographers because golden hour - which is about 1-2 hours before sunset - provides the most gorgeous natural light for our seniors! Your skin will have the golden hour glow!
3. FASHION: This is the season for all the fun & flirty trends! Trendy colors to wear for Summer include magenta, lilac, lavender, blush, and yellow. Summer weather also allows you to wear all different types of outfits too! You can plan to wear fun rompers, skirts, flowly dresses, crop tops, and so many other types of clothing styles for your senior photoshoot!
4. Wild Flowers: We all know that Summer in Washington means a bouquet of wildflowers with lush green botanicals all over the place! Each month in Summer offers so many beautiful types of plants that are in bloom. From hydrangeas, rose gardens, rhododendrons, dahlias, sunflowers, and lavender fields - there are SO many options to choose as the backdrop for your senior photos!
It's SO important to book your Summer senior session as soon as possible! There's only a FEW more months until you begin senior year. You do not want to wait until last minute to book your senior session because it might be too late. I only offer a FEW sessions per month and Summer senior sessions book up quickly, so fill out the CONTACT form ASAP to start the process of booking your Summer senior photoshoot with Mikayla Arsenian Photography!
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