National College Decision day is May 1st. Many high school seniors anxiously anticipate college decision day because after spending the last few months narrowing down which university they will attend next school year, it's now time to choose their dream college. College announcement photos are a fantastic way to celebrate this milestone and share your joy with friends and family. Adding college props into your photos can make them even more special and memorable. 

Here are five prop ideas to consider for your college announcement photos:

1. College Flag:
Displaying your college's flag in your announcement photos is a classic way to announce your college decision. Drape the flag around your body, twirl around or hold it up high to show off your school spirit!

2. College Banner:
Similar to the flag, a college banner serves as a bold statement piece in your college announcement photos. Hold it up and smile big for the perfect shot. Banners often feature the college name, mascot, logo, and colors, making them a visually striking addition to your photoshoot.

3. College Acceptance Letter:
Your college acceptance letter is the tangible proof of your hard work and dedication throughout high school. Including it in your college announcement photos adds a personal and sentimental touch. You can hold the letter in your hands or wave it in the air to symbolize the next step in your academic journey.

4. College Gear:
Show off your school pride by wearing college gear in your announcement photos. Whether it's a hoodie, t-shirt, hat, or any apparel featuring your college's logo, wearing it proudly sends a clear message of your excitement for the upcoming adventure. 

5. College Hand Sign:
Many colleges have unique hand signs or gestures associated with their identity. For example, the University of Washington uses the Westside hand gesture to throw their "dubs up" when displaying school spirit. Incorporating your college's hand sign into your announcement photos adds a fun, cool, and personalized element to your senior photos.

Incorporating props into your college announcement photos allows you to personalize your announcement and celebrate this HUGE moment in a special way. Whether you opt for traditional symbols like flags and banners or add a personal touch with acceptance letters and hand signs, these props will help capture the excitement and anticipation of your college journey. Remember to have fun with your photoshoot and let your excitement shine through as you embark on this new chapter of your life!
Take a look into a senior photoshoot session with a Federal Way High School senior announcing her college commitment to the University of Washington:
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