Adi's Fall PNW photoshoot shows why booking a Fall senior session can be a perfect senior portrait experience for a dreamy and golden hour photoshoot. The photoshoot took place in early October and the weather was PERFECT! It was a warm sunny day, which is HUGE considering how temperatures start to drop in Seattle-Tacoma, Washington during the Fall season. She also brought along her bestie to the session and we had so much fun getting to know each other and taking super cute photos. We even got a few bestie photos and I swear they are long lost sisters because they look SO MUCH alike!
During Adi's Fashion Consultation, we planned 3 outfits that complimented her personality for her session. It is so important to choose outfits that you feel the most comfortable to wear because it helps radiate your confidence and allow so many creative poses for your senior photos. Adi has such a sweet and bubbly personality, so I helped her plan outfits that would let her personality shine in her photos. Adi wore 2 causal Fall outfits and a beautiful white and blue Summer dress that complimented each location we used for her session. As a senior photographer, it's my favorite thing to capture my seniors personality in their senior photos, so I truly love how each photo really shows her bubbly personality!
As a senior photographer that specializes in creating storytelling senior photos, I love learning about the parts of my seniors stories that make them special and unique! I will play their favorite music and engage in conversations with my seniors that help get to know them more. I truly loved getting know Adi throughout her session and learned so many things about her. Adi is a proud Israeli, Swiftie, and loves to be active in school related activities. We played lots of Taylor Swift and laughed the whole time, so the vibes were definitely immaculate throughout the whole photoshoot experience!
As a true to color senior photographer, I believe it’s important to not look overly edited in your senior pictures because I want to show my senior’s true beauty! Of course, I will always professionally edit out any blemishes, eye bags, hair flyaways, and smooth out uneven skin tones. But, I will also remain true to my belief that seniors need to see themselves in their images, and not an overly photoshopped version of themselves. Adi absolutely LOVES all her image because her photos look and feel real, authentic, and true to herself!
Take a look into Adi's Fall PNW photoshoot:
Based in the Seattle-Tacoma area, I only schedule a FEW seniors sessions per month to ensure #MAPSeniors receive the BEST experience. Let's connect to book your session today!
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