All #MAPSeniors recently answered why they decided to hire MAP as their senior photographer! After reading their reviews, I started to see patterns in their answers. I always feel so honored when a graduating senior chooses me to capture such a huge milestone in their lives, and hearing their “why” makes me want to burst with so many happy emotions! 
Here’s what #MAPSeniors said about WHY they chose to book their senior session with Mikayla Arsenian Photography:
THE PHOTOSHOOT EXPERIENCE: This was the #1 answer we got from MAP senior clients. They all enjoyed the time we spent getting to know each other during the photoshoot. As a photographer that specializes in creating storytelling senior photos, I love learning about the parts of their story that make them special and unique! I will play their favorite music and engage in conversations with my seniors that help get to know them more. Through this process of building a real and authentic relationship with them, they described the photoshoot experience as fun, engaging, comfortable, and a safe space for them to express themselves. 
SESSION PREP RESOURCES: Most of MAP senior clients mentioned how they loved the entire session prep process! Once they become an official #MAPSenior, they receive exclusive access to the MAP Senior HUB which includes, session prep guides, hair & makeup artist recommendations, outfit inspiration, and a detailed session day packing list. MAP Seniors mentioned that they loved having all of their resources and details about their senior photoshoot in an organized space!
STYLING ASSISTANCE: In addition to the resourceful MAP Senior HUB, MAP seniors can also schedule their virtual Fashion Consultation. They all agreed how it was extremely helpful to go over their outfit ideas, pair the outfits with the right shoes and accessories, and plan their photoshoot with me. Overall, the MAP Senior HUB resources and Fashion Consultation helped them feel prepared for their senior photoshoot!
EDITING PROCESS: They love how natural our images look – especially their skin tones and textures. As a true to color photographer, I believe it’s important to not look overly edited in your senior pics because I want to show my senior’s true beauty! Of course, I will always professionally edit out any blemishes, eye bags, hair flyaways, and smooth out uneven skin tones. But, I will also remain true to my belief that seniors need to see themselves in their images, and not an overly photoshopped version of themselves. The best part is MAP seniors agree because they absolutely LOVE their images to look and feel real, authentic, and true to themselves!
WORD OF MOUTH REFERRALS: Most of our clients are referred through a friend of theirs who raved about their senior session experience with MAP! We all know how important it is to hear about someone else’s experience with a brand before committing yourself, so the fact that so many clients come to us through a friend means the world to me! 
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